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We have been open since 2011, here are some testimonials from parents and students.

“Elite is INCREDIBLE! Our family loves this school! It provides a great family atmosphere with amazing instructors. Mr. Kirby is phenomenal, he truly has a passion for what he teaches. My kids are growing as martial artists, while gaining confidence, focus and promoting respect. Karate has been an important part of our family for many years now, and Mr. Kirby has been extremely welcoming and motivating. Both my son and daughter are excited and honored to be training at Elite!”​ Monika Foster. 

“Elite has been the best thing for our son. He has more confidence and also made a lot of new friends. Our son started with a white belt and just received his green belt. He wants to get his black belt and I feel that's because of Jesse's technique in training. Jesse is very patient with the kids and makes evry class fun for them. He also does activities outside of the class that the kids look forward to.”​ Janel Young

“My 14 year old son has been an MMA student for a few months now. He has gained confidence, is eager to go to practice and has made new friends. Jesse is patient, calm, a good motivator, a true role model for his students and an all around nice guy. Im looking forward to seeing how Gavin progresses - already he can hold his own with his brothers. lol”​
Claire Courtenay Heil

“We are so thankful for all that Elite has done to empower kids with the confidence they need to protect themselves. Mr. Kirby is a great mentor who is patient, helpful & great with the kids in his classes. He has helped my son overcome his fears & conquer new challenges"  Angie Atkins

“We have been a part of the Elite family for almost 4 years now and can tell you both my sons benefit TREMENDOUSLY from both TSD and MMA classes. Mr. Kirby and his staff are attentive, caring, and patient with the kids, all while being strict with their teaching and making sure your child learns the art, and most of all RESPECTS the art of Tang Soo Do. The life skills they learn here cannot be taken from them. Thank you Mr. Kirby and staff for all that you do for our kiddos. We are forever greatful and HIGHLY recommend this program to everyone." - Julia Louise

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